Optical Service Centre

Optical Service Centre




We have a well equipped Service Centre with highly skilled engineers, test and machining support equipment. The Centre is capable of maintaining and repairing the latest HD lenses and acillary equipment. Such work is carried out for a wide range of clients such as large rental houses, Insurance repairs, individual owners equipment as well as specialist users such as Rolls Royce for their engine division's high speed test cameras and lenses. Van Diemen hold stock of components for older equipments which may no longer be supported by the manufacturer.

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Full optical, mechanical service and electronic test and reset




ENG and EFP portable lenses for 2/3” and ½” Camera Systems


Teleconference lenses and other small zoom lenses


Large Box Type OB Lenses telephoto and super telephoto


High Definition lenses


Prime lenses for any format (prices may vary according to complexity)

from £85-00

Film Zoom Lenses 16-Super


Film Zoom lenses 35mm



Anamorphic Lenses

Partial service and repair of specific faults are charged for at an hourly rate minimum charge is £55-00 for up to one hours work.

The standard charges above include minor components and all lubricants. The standard charges do not cover replacement or repair of broken or faulty components


Servo Control Systems

Lens mounted servo systems are checked as part of the standard service charge this includes reset of manufacturers parameters.

Electronic repairs to faulty items are charged on the basis of minimum £55-00 for the first hour and £45-00 per hour thereafter. Typical charges for servo repairs are listed below,

where charges are likely to exceed these figures the client will be informed and asked for written authority to proceed.




Studio and OB lenses, Box style lenses, service and repair per function of servo systems

From £155-00

Eng / EFP Service and repair or servo remote systems Zoom & Focus

From £250-00



Where repair charges are likely to exceed these costs clients will be informed and asked for written authorization for the additional expenditure.



Optical Projects

Our service department also undertakes special projects. Small video camera systems, Design and build of optical systems for film and video. Please ask for a quotation


General service and maintenance - non optical product

We are keen to take on general service work for most TV equipment. Prices are based on the minimum first hour at £55-00 and further labour at £45-00 per hour all materials are additional cost.



All service and project work is undertaken on the basis of settlement at time of collection or before. Where major expenditure is required to initiate such work a payment on account may be required.