Optical Fibre

Optical Fibre


Van Diemen Films have developed their expertise in the New OpticalCON Fibre Optic products over the past two years. Van Diemen Films personnel have installed a working Outside Broadcast unit with Neutrik's fibre system having been tried and tested in a variety of environments. This unit is now operational with Boris TV and has been used as a case study by Neutrik as to a particular application to which the Neutrik system may be applied.

The experience acquired in deploying a working sytem in the field of outside broadcast has given us an edge in our knowledge and expertise of working with complete fibre systems. This is applicable to larger systems and to the various alternative combinations of system available from Neutrik's OpticalCON range.




OpticalCON SMPTE Cable OpticalCON Data Connector OpticalCON low voltage camera



Van Diemen Films have engineers trained in all the key areas of television where Optical fibre systems are likely to be deployed. Our engineers have experience in working with outside broadcast multicamera environments as well as single camera operations, satellite vehicle interfaces and even studio installations.

We have a well equipped optical engineering workshop capable of dealing with advanced optical fibre requirements and are able to terminate fibre and interface to infrastructural fibre networks.

Our engineers also have experience in the interface between fibre optic and copper based signal transport systems from a simple system carrying loss free Composite Signals over fibre for recording or distribution to large screens with or without embedded audio signals to the full remotely controlled multicamera installations in outside broadcast or studio instalations.

We are ready to assist clients who would like to move into Fibreoptics as a high grade solution to HD signal transmission with finding the most efficient but cost effective solution to fulfilling their project





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