Leica Compact 35mm F1.4 Summilux R PL, Conversion. Coverage 24x36.

Leica Compact 35mm F1.4 Summilux R PL, Conversion. Coverage 24x36.

Product no.: 68/1524 (Type: Conversion of owner supplied lens)

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Now supplied with 100mm uniform front diameters. Other sizes on request. New image will be posted when available.

Leica 35mm Wireform™ F1.4 Summilux R Compact Wireform™ lens movement in PL mount.

The second image is an illustration of the new 24x36 wide angle lens profile. Actual images will be displayed as they become available.

This Compact Macro Leica optic is a high speed F1.4 optical design. The lens is close focus lens with a Macro capability but does not reach full 1:1. It does, however, retain all the features of a pure high speed lens. This versatility is possible because of the patented Wireform™ variable pitch lens movement incorporated in the construction. An additional characteristic of this lens is its light weight, a feature made possible by the patented mechanical design. The combination of these characteristics make this lens particularly suitable for applications where weight and precise control of focus are important,for example with camera stabilization equipment and hand held use. All the compact range benefits from internal focus and are fully geared for motorization. Each focal length lens has a separately computed focus helix to achieve the best possible focus scale for the particular focal length. 

Van Diemen Lenses are assembled to client order in mount of clients choice and scaled metres or feet. Other lens mounts may be possible please contact us for more information.

All Van Diemen Wireform™ conversions are now supplied with dual iris scales as a standard feature and uniform 100mm front diameter, however, can also supply other larger diameters on request.

Additional product information

LENS 35mm COMPACT for 24x36 Coverage
Nominal Focal Length 35mm
F/No. 1.4
Max Stop 16
Front Diameter 114mm 
Length (front to focal plane) TBA
Weight 1.2kg (2lb 10oz)
Iris Gearing Dual Scaled Ø120mm 32DP 149 Teeth
Focus Gearing Ø120mm 32DP 149 Teeth
Angular FOV Full 24x 36 coverage
Min Distance (scaled) 9 inches

Lens construction


Macro Ratio 1:4
Back Focus adjustment  Shims



Van Diemen aim to deliver within 90 days of receipt of order and 50% deposit. We are unable to guarantee delivery times as they vary according to factory loading and availability of parts at the time of order.


We offer a full 2 year warranty with every Van Diemen Wireform™ product. This however does not extend to optical units on conversion products as they are supplied direct by the client.


Warranty is applicable ex works Camberley, UK. It is the responsibility of the client to cover shipping and insurance to and from Van Diemen for all product sales and warranty work.



Type Conversion of owner supplied lens
Detail PL Mount Lenses

Selection: Leica Compact 35mm F1.4 Summilux R PL

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68/1524 Conversion of owner supplied lens
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68/15240 Van Diemen Wireform™ (Lens Supplied)
£6,445.00 *
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