Leitch VES-6801-2 Dual Channel Flash Slide module

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SD Flash Slide module used to store two 8-bit slides or one 10-bit slide The 6801-2 is a dual channel module which has double the Flash memory and two video channel serializers. two serial outputs are provided for each of the two separate video channels. The two channels are independent, and their slides can be selected independently. The two channels can be used together as a slide with its linear key channel or independently for two separate dual-slide signals. The VES-6801-2 can store two 10-bit iimages one per channel, or four 8-bit images; two per channel. 8-bit and 10-bit slides can share the same VES-6801-2 and they may be of either line standard. The only restriction when mixing 525 and 625 line slides is that both channels must play the same standard at the same time.


Additional product information

- Storage for two 8-bit or single 10-bit images per channel
- Four SDI 270Mb/s outputs, all with embedded EDH
- Analog reference input (black or sync) provides genlock capability
- Infinite phasing relative to reference, software controlled V and H adjust
- Supports both 525 and 625 line standards, and can accommodate slides of both standards on a single module
- Card edge controls for timing and slide selection
- GPI Input (contact closure) for slide selection
- Fully compatble with complete set of Logo Graphics Utilities (LogoWin and LogoDOS)
- Front PCB-mounted DB-9 serial port for image downloading. RS232 also available on two BNCs

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