We have attempted to make our website as accessible to all who visit it, however should you encounter any problems navigating our site or wish to suggest improvements then please contact us at


Difficulties using a Mouse

Using a mouse is not the only way to navigate around our website, there are various keyboard keys and short cuts to help the you move around the website.


The main keys to help you navigate through the site are up, down, left and right arrow keys and also page up to jump to the top of the current page and page down to jump to the bottom of the current page.


If the text is too large or to small

If you are having difficulties seeing the text within the website itself, then there a few simple keyboard short cuts you can use.


To make the text larger hold down CTRL and at the same time press the + key.

To make the screen text smaller hold down CTRL and press –

To reset the screen text to its original size press CTRL and 0