Anamorphic LOMO IF conversions

The round front, internal focus anamorphic lens conversions have been developed to offer a wider range of focal length options. Van Diemen's R&D team have completed a number of prime lens options for each focal length. We are able to introduce additional design combinations led by client-specific choice. 


The 35mm LOMO-based conversions feature a new Inverted Wireform (IWF) movement system designed specifically to carry the weight of the large focus group, permitting a much lighter movement with a very smooth and even feel. The front element on these conversions does not rotate during focus movements.

The conversion includes remounting all optical elements in Van Diemen designed lens holding cells. In the process, we have been able to reduce the overall diameter to 162mm. The static front ring has a 158mm x 0.75mm thread facilitating the mounting of filters and accessories. Variations can be supplied in order to bring the diameter up to any matte box size.

Other combinations with this conversion are possible using most 35mm motion-picture format lenses in the range of focal lengths from 32mm to 40mm.

The 50mm, 75mm and 100mm LOMO-based conversions are also internally focussing and are suitable for mounting lens accessories on the 130mm front diameter. These conversions benefit from a cam system which negates any backlash and provides even movements with a good feel and excellent close focus performance. This conversion overcomes all the limitations of the original product providing smooth movements, industry standard gearings, all in a conventional cylindrical body. 

The 150mm LOMO-based conversions use the same principals as the 50mm, 75mm and 100mm conversions.

Engraving can accommodate client preferences, for example feet/metres, colour fill and limited personalisation.

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