Adverse Publicity on Red User Forum-Published by Mr Tom Baig 

Whilst we have not dealt with Mr Baig in any form and he is not a client of Vandiemen Films Ltd., he has extensively published material about a transaction we have had with another client s extracts of which we do recognise. We are unable to discus this matter publicly however there is an outstanding account which once settled will allow us to ship the goods concerned and close the matter. 

This publicity generated by Mr Baig is unbalaced and does not give a fair representation of the problem.

Accounts Department Van Diemen Films Ltd 9/5/21

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Van Diemen Films Ltd. was established in 1983. Its current activities to which this site relate encompass products manufactured in house and associated products. The company manufactures, services and sells lenses for film and video applications. There is also a good selection of used equipment available.