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Van Diemen Wireform™ Cooke Speed Panchros

Cooke Macro Lenses

Cooke Macro Lenses


Van Diemen Macro lenses achieve full 1:1 focussing ratios. The variable pitch lens movement and two complete rotation system allows for ample scaling both for focus marks and iris compensation.

Cooke Compact Lenses

Cooke Compact Lenses


Compact lenses have a variable pitch Wireform™ lens movement which allows better focussing scales and closer focussing. They remain lightweight.

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The 3rd Generation Van Diemen 18mm Cooke Speed Panchro SI/SII in PL mount. Has a complete lens movement which benefits from the Van Diemen patented Wireform™ lens focusing system.

Warranty 2 years

Free service of optical Unit prior to conversion

Now available with 100mm ,104mm and 110 mm lens fronts

The 104mm and 110 mm fronts are designed to accept optical flats or round filters

Light weight only 0.55 Kg 1Lb 4 Ozs

Updated 26/11/16

£2,970.00 *
Delivery weight: 2.5 kg
Product no.: 63/Cooke 75mm SII Macro

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