Van Diemen DSP Lenses

Van Diemen DSP Lenses


New Van Diemen DSP Wireform™ low distortion lenses. Designed for 35mm and Digital Cinematography

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(Type: Van Diemen Wireform™ lens)

To supply a complete new 14mm Wireform™ lens system 

This lens designed for 35mm and Digital Cinematography with particular emphasis on low distortion. The colour balance is designed to match existing Cooke lenses. The lens is therefore an ideal close focus companion to the current Cooke Speed Panchro range of lenses achieving wide angles in a compact, lightweight unit at a price unmatched by others for a product of this focal length and specification.


Wireform™ lens movement, robust, smooth & teperature stable.

Focus scales in feet or metres.

Good close focus specification.

Solid endstops focus and iris.

Industry standard gears on one diameter positionally static.



£6,500.00 *
Delivery weight: 2.5 kg
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