Van Diemen Wireform™ system


Our Wireform™ system is a breakthrough development in lens design. 


In practice

A wire is formed into a coil and set inside a lens housing, this becomes the male part of a thread. The wire is set at a varying coil spacing which replicates the function of a Cam-form and thus results in operator friendly focus scales. The mating part of this wire is a machined plastic (PTFE) V-form carrying the body of the optical unit. This is held under spring tension providing resilience to shock, automatic wear compensation and lubricant free movement.

















Variations of this system are used on lens conversions from 14mm to 300mm and can be applied to optical units from any manufacturer. Wireform™ lens developments

July ‘14

Van Diemen has moved to 3D laser printed components for key parts in the lens control linkages. These parts are printed in stainless steel to the tolerances required and can be made economically in small batches with short lead times.  

Van Diemen Lenses















Van Diemen Lenses