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Product no.: FOR-A HVS 500

HVS-500HS is custom-built to fit the customer's exact needs. No more extra cost for functions you'll never use and no more wasted I/O's. Take advantage of FOR-A's proven broadcast technology in a low-cost, fully-customizable, and portable One Box System. Simple & Compact, but Powerful The HVS-500HS is an HD/SD-compatible, yet portable switcher that combines the easy operation and powerful features that FOR-A's HANABI series is famous for. The compact case houses a wide array of functions to give you unrivaled mobility. Selectable Inputs and Outputs Both digital and analog input and output boards are available for users to freely create their own combinations to match their needs. 21 different configurations with several hundred variations of signal I/O formats are possible. The HVS-500HS enables you to find the optimal I/O configuration for your particular operating environment. -8 HD/SD SDI Inputs 4 Analog Inputs 5 HD/SD SDI Outputs 2 Analog Outputs Max. 12 Inputs, 7 Outputs *See the table (Slot Configuration) in the next page for more details. Portable HD/SD Digital Video Switcher - Selectable Inputs and Outputs - DSK with Chroma Key Function - Freely-Assignable DSK - Two Still Stores - HD/SD Switchable - Wide Array of Effects

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