Canon 300mm 2.8L (originally Ultrasonic) PL mount lens

Canon 300mm 2.8L (originally Ultrasonic) PL mount lens

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Canon 300mm Ultrasonic converted to PL mount by Van Diemen films Ltd

This lens is of the newer design original fitted with image stabilisation not functional in PL mount configuration.

The lens has built in Focus and Iris gears. The lens also acceptsd rear mounted screw in filters.

The lens is blemish free. Comes complete with fitted case.

Lens has 3/8ww support port.

15mm x 60mm centre bar support bridge available. Other supports available


Additional product information

LENS 300mm PL mount Conversion (FD or EF) 280618
Nominal Focal Length 300mm
F/No. 2.8 L
Max Stop 22
Front Diameter 118mm
Length (PL Flange)Excluding Lens shade 245mm
Weight 3 KG
Iris Gearing  32DP  (Option available not Fitted)
Focus Gearing  32DP  (option available not fitted)
Angular FOV  8 degrees in 24x26 Configuration
Min Distance (scaled) 3M

Lens construction


Macro N/A
Back Focus adjustment Shims behind mount


Used Equipmet has 3 months warranty . Payment is due prior to shipment. VAT is an additional cost.


Warranty is applicable ex works Camberley, UK. It is the responsibility of the client to cover shipping and insurance to and from Van Diemen for all product sales and warranty work.

Manufacturer Canon- conversion work by Van Diemen Films Ltd

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