Lens Testing Projector - Workshop Unit

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35mm Workshop Lens Testing Projector


Lens Testing Projector.

Designed for precise measuring, setting and testing of lenses. In Addition to the features available on the Field Projector this unit has features listed below.

Rigid Mounting Plate and Precision Vernier fitted to enable Lens engineer to make accurate measurements and adjustments. 

The base plate is reinforced to stabilize the unit when used in a workshop environment.

A scale reading lamp is fitted.


Projection Mounts

4700012 Sony B4 projector mount for 2/3" lenses Standard and HD                                                                                    £1,450-00                  
4700013 Sony 1/2" Lens Projector Mount £1,300-00
4700014 PL mount for projectors £600-00
4700015 Panavision Mount £600-00
4700016 BNCR Mount £750-00
4700017 Nikon Mount £550-00
4700018 Canon EF or FD £550-00
4700019 Leica M or R £550-00
4700010 C Mount £500-00




Selection: Lens Testing Projector - Workshop Unit

Product no. Power Supply Price
47003 240V PSU £6,412.00 *
47004 240V- 110V Switchable PSU £6,552.00 *
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