Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm T2.2 SI/SII V3 Supply and Convert

Product no.: 63/111130 (Type: Van Diemen Wireform™ (Lens Supplied))

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Van Diemen 18mm Cooke Speed Panchro SI/SII in PL mount.

The 3rd Generation Van Diemen 18mm Cooke Speed Panchro SI/SII in PL mount has a complete lens movement which benefits from the Van Diemen patented Wireform™ lens focusing system.

This lens built as new by Van Diemen comes with a full warranty. Incorporated in this lens movement are focus and iris gears to industry standard robust enough to cope with any servo motor. This conversion provides a close focus capability of under 6”.

All Van Diemen Wireform™ conversions are now supplied with dual iris scales as a standard feature and uniform 100mm front diameter, however, can also supply other  diameters on request from 85mm.

Additional product information

LENS 18mm Wide Angle
Nominal Focal Length 18mm
T/No. 2.0 (f1.7)
Max Stop 22
Front Diameter 80mm, 100mm, 104mm and 110mm
Length (front to focal plane) 93mm
Weight 0.6kg (1lb 5oz)
Iris Gearing Dual Scaled Ø89mm 32DP 110 Teeth
Focus Gearing Ø89mm 32DP 110 Teeth
Angular FOV (Academy **)

80 degrees,

Specified coverage Coverage 18.37 x 24.89mm

Min Distance (scaled) 7"

Lens construction


9 elements 7 components

Designed in 1931

Back Focus adjustment Shims



Van Diemen aim to deliver within 90 days of receipt of order and 50% deposit. We are unable to guarantee delivery times as they vary according to factory loading and availability of parts at the time of order.


We offer a full 2 year warranty with every Van Diemen Wireform™ product. This however does not extend to optical units on conversion products as they are supplied direct by the client.


Warranty is applicable ex works Camberley, UK. It is the responsibility of the client to cover shipping and insurance to and from Van Diemen for all product sales and warranty work.



Type Van Diemen Wireform™ (Lens Supplied)

Selection: Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm T2.2 SI/SII V3 Conversion V3

Product no. Type Price
63/11113 Conversion of owner supplied lens £2,970.00 *
63/111130 Van Diemen Wireform™ (Lens Supplied) £5,250.00 *
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