ISCO VII 30 Anamorphic Close Focus Fixed Front Conversion

ISCO VII 30 Anamorphic Close Focus Fixed Front Conversion

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(Illustration shown is a 36mm but the 30mm conversion is identical)

Van Diemen - Cine Iscorama modification second generation faster focus

For use on video cameras. New movement and closer focus with focus gear built in. 80mm front retains original filter thread but is non rotating allowing the attachment of accessories. There is a positive lock system. It has a 58mm rear mounting thread and step adapters are available. There is a built in 1/4 Whitworth threaded hole to accept a support system.

The Cine Iscorama Anamorphic II can be designed to suit a number of focal length lenses and formats.

General Specifications:

Static front ring with 77mm front thread.

The back thread diameter is typically 58mm at a standard pitch of 0.75mm (filter thread).

The front lens cap diameter is 80mm.

Once screwed into position the Anamorphic can be aligned and locked.

Close Focus is 3ft 

End to end focus rotation is around 180 degrees.

1/4" Whitworth threaded hole for support is provided as standard.

Support system is available for 15mm bars at 60mm centres (apart) at extra cost.

Bespoke engraving is available at extra cost - please enquire.

This conversion is for a client supplied optic.

Conversions are subject to the provided optic being in good optical and mechanical condition. Optics will be inspected on delivery and if not in suitable condition a full refund will be given. For further information on suitability please contacy our Optical Service Centre.

Additional product information

Front Diameter 80mm
Weight 0.6 kg 1.3 lbs
Focus Gearing Ø97.3mm  32DP  120Teeth
Min Distance (Scaled) 3' / 0.9m
Rear Mounting Thread M58 x 0.75
Front Thread M77 x 0.75
Focus rotation 242 Degrees (FT) / 257 Degrees (m)
Focus travel  10mm


Van Diemen aim to deliver within 90 days of receipt of order and 50% deposit. We are unable to guarantee delivery times as they vary according to factory loading and availability of parts at the time of order.


We offer a full 2 year warranty on all Van Diemen engineered products. This however does not extend to optical units as they are supplied direct by the client. Van Diemen have no control of the specifications of third party optics and cannot guarantee the quality of specifications of such lenses either optically, mechanically or colour rendition. 


Warranty is applicable ex works Camberley, UK. It is the responsibility of the client to cover shipping and insurance to and from Van Diemen for all product sales and warranty work.

Manufacturer Van Diemen Films -ISCO

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