Lens Testing Projector - Field

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This Projector is designed as a field tool for checking and evaluating Film and Television lenses. Lens mounting and testing is quick and simple. The unit is normally supplied with a PL mount fitted (other options possible) Features interchangeable lens mounts using a base mount of 17.5mm depth. This base mount accepts a range of other lens mounts listed below. Multi-format projection Graticule The projection Graticule covers a range of lens formats up to Full Aperture- more details below Mounting plate - The projector is fitted with a solid base incorporating aligned 3/8 mounting hole to suit most tripods


Projection Mounts

4700012 Sony B4 projector mount for 2/3" lenses Standard and HD                                                                                    £1,450-00                  
4700013 Sony 1/2" Lens Projector Mount £1,300-00
4700014 PL mount for projectors £600-00
4700015 Panavision Mount £600-00
4700016 BNCR Mount £750-00
4700017 Nikon Mount £550-00
4700018 Canon EF or FD £550-00
4700019 Leica M or R £550-00
4700010 C Mount £500-00



Selection: Lens Testing Projector - Field

Product no. Power Supply Price
47001 240V PSU £5,538.00 *
47002 240V- 110V Switchable PSU £5,778.00 *
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